It is prohibited:

  • to go fishing without permission and payment;
  • to go fishing between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.;
  • to go fishing using poaching methods and tools;
  • to conceal the catch from payment. In case of detection of the fact of concealment of the catch or part of the catch, the person who has committed this act is subject to criminal responsibility as for theft;
  • to destroy and damage the property. The perpetrators bear financial responsibility;
  • to make fire and to park vehicles in unauthorized for such purposes places.

The reservoir is a public recreational area therefore it is required to follow the appropriate rules of behavior in the water and not to disturb the public order. Violators will be subject to administrative and criminal actions involving the employees of Dribin ROVD (Regional Office of Ministry of Internal Affairs) and the State Inspectorate for the protection of flora and fauna.

Persons performing the protection of the reservoir (employees of the Private Unitary Enterprise) have the following rights:

  • to issue fishing permits of a standard pattern, to collect fees for issuing such permits and to do a check;
  • to check the amount of catch and to charge customers in case the quantity of fish exceeds the permitted norm;
  • the guard has the right to inspect any vehicle found on the shore near the fishing site in order to prevent any theft and the usage of poaching fishing equipment. 

Persons who do not agree to inspect vehicle should leave the vehicle near the main base in the parking lot of the Private Unitary Enterprise. 
In case of any questions, you can apply to the Guarding Staff of the reservoir and the manager of PUE Chernenkiy Vladimir.