Very fishy place

The best antidepressant is fishing (angler's creed). Our farmstead will provide you with peace of mind for many days and nights. “The most fishy place” is the place where you will see, hear, feel nature!

Waking up in the morning in a small wooden house, you go out into the street, you trample bare feet on the barbed, dew-covered grass, and wash your face with icy water straight from the washstand. The sun is already rising over the horizon, but it's still cool outside. From wet grass and piercing fresh air, the skin becomes goose, the body wakes up, the soul comes to life.

You take nets, fishing gear, pull on huge fishing boots and go down to the river. You walk along the sloping shore, around silence, only the birds rehearse their tunes. And you can not take your eyes from the local beauty!

Sailing into the boat, go down the river, stop, get the bait. And here it is - calm. You catch him in every moment. You catch as well as pulling fish out of a translucent flowing river.

And whatever happens in your everyday life, here everything is improved by nature